About Us / FAQs 

Our history

www.EstateAgent.co.uk was founded in 1996 and we believe we were the first property web site in the UK. We were definitely the first property web site to offer free advertising for houses, homes, flats etc. both for sale and for rent / to let. In internet terms we are a very well established 'company'.

What we offer

We offer the following services:
    Sell your house / flat / property free of charge.

    Rent your house / flat / property for free.

    Advertise flatshares and rooms for rent in London free.

    Advertise rooms for rent and flatshares throughout the uk completely free.

    Post property wanted adverts free of charge.

    Include photos with your adverts free of charge.

We plan to add new services. These will include advertising estate agency jobs and a classified adverts section so you can sell your household unwanted items (also free).
PLEASE NOTE: All the above free services are offered to estate agents and letting agents as well as private individuals (see our section below re: using an estate agent). Estate agents can put their entire property portfolio on our web site - we don't mind - in fact we encourage it. Those that do use us continue to do so. This shows advertising here works otherwise they would not bother.

Is the web site really free?

Yes it is and always has been. Unlike many other web sites we are genuinely free. Some claim to allow you to sell your house for free, let your house for free or offer rooms to rent for free but whilst allowing you to advertise them for free, then charge you to receive enquiries. Others offer some services free of charge but will charge you for other services. We don't do this. We claim to be free and really are free. Our overheads are extremely low so we don't need much money to keep running.

We also go one step further than most web sites in that to place adverts we don't even require you to register - simply place your advert and it will be live immediately. We wont hassle you with emails either. We will only email you regarding your advert - i.e. to tell you about enquiries or remind you that it is about to expire etc. (see our privacy section below)

How do we make money?

All our money comes from advertising - currently google adsense to be precise. This makes us enough money to cover our costs. We don't employ any staff and the web site is designed to run itself - i.e. you do all the work when placing your adverts.

Using an estate agent

We encourage both private individuals and estate agents to use this web site. In encouraging private individuals to advertise here we are NOT pushing people to exclude estate agents (as many other web sites do). When selling a house privately the pound signs immediately spring to mind in saving on estate agents fees. However, in taking this approach you should also consider that an estate agent is probably a better negotiator than you are and may well get a higher price for your property than you would - more than covering their fees.

Can I advertise my house here if I am using an estate agent?

Yes you can and this is what we encourage you to do. If you receive enquiries you can then either deal with them yourself and try to make a private sale or you can pass the information to your estate agent for them to deal with. Under new legislation if you find your own buyer you do not have to pay the estate agents fees (which used to be the case).

Privacy and fraud

Unfortunately the internet seems to attract a lot of Fraud. We do our utmost to prevent this by having automated systems that monitor people who respond to a lot of adverts (which is typically synonymous with fraud). Furthermore we do not give your email out to anybody - it does not appear on your adverts and we do not pass it on. If you make enquiries about an advert then the advertiser will see the enquirers email address so that they can respond.

In addition to the above, all responses to adverts carry a Fraud warning and a link you can use to immediately notify us if you think an enquirer is suspicious. We will then review their activities and if we think they are trying to be fraudulent - block their emails so that cannot contact anybody else.